In contact with your new customers without dragging

And make more appointments

If you don’t talk to your new customers every week, the continuity of your organization is at risk.

How do you get in?

We introduce our customers to leads on a weekly basis

Leads through your fair 

“It was quiet, but the weather was nice …”

“People have to get used to going to a fair again …”

“I have many business cards…”

Presence at the fair requires a lot of money and time. It is therefore necessary to achieve a good result.

You start developing your stand months in advance, but you don’t start developing your leads?

We want you to experience a relaxed fair. A fair where you don’t have to drag your visitors in, but a fair where your visitors want to visit you.

“In previous years we stood in the aisle to contact our prospects. Now, they came to us. This made it a fun and relaxed Fair. In the end, we had much more HOT leads than the usual planned leads. These people emphasized that we really had to plan a meeting quickly. That way, I want to participate in a Fair every month.”

Marcel Crezee

Managing Director Export, MHK Group

Leads through LinkedIn

Cold acquisition doesn’t work for you and actually you don’t like it at all.

You know you can get in touch with new customers through LinkedIn, but you usually can’t turn this contact into an appointment.

On average, a salesman makes 20-25 calls to get an appointment. On average you lose 6 hours for one appointment.

We combine your prospecting tasks, so that you will have more time to visit your customers.

We had already made a small start in recruiting leads via LinkedIn. However, we were unable to apply this as continuously as necessary.

Since we started working with LinkLeaders, we have averaged between 3 to 8 leads per week.

In addition, they coach us towards the best follow-up strategies and the best decisions per lead.

I find LinkLeaders proactive, focused on results and we have the same sense of momentum. I find that extremely important in lead generation.

Name and position available at LinkLeaders

Leads through your Website 

Once you are in, you will be able to sell,

However, for making appointments …

▶ Continuity is required

▶ You must use all available resources

▶ Social plays an important role nowadays

▶ Telephone contact remains an essential part

In the meantime you notice that existing customers or projects are given priority over these types of activities.

The result is hardly any continuity in your sales activities and hardly any contact with new prospects

We recognize that.

In the meantime we have been able to support several customers in their sales strategy. Because of its success, we offer this to you too.


What others say about


”We took a course at LinkLeaders, directed by Karin and Marc.

The sessions helped me learn how to make myself more visible on social media.

If you persevere, you will see results. And the latter is now apparent. People come to me now.

So Karin and Marc are recommended for organizations that want to build themselves with their services.”

Peter van Deutekom

Owner , Mirada Time IT

”These times are definitely challenging for selling.

The training helped me a lot to discover new opportunities.

After a month, I already had some appointments that came easily.”

Verena Hesselink - Raschke

Consultant Smart Home Systems, Salus Controls

”I updated my profile based on the advice of LinkLeaders.

The effect was that recruiters and clients approached me immediately.

I notice that I am getting approached for assignments more and more.

It has worked (and still does) very well. I actually now have people working through my leads.”

Hilde Vossen

HR IT Project manager, The Change Specialist

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