Finding new clients costs you a lot of time and energy




It is increasingly difficult to find the decision maker within a company. Who do you need to talk to to sell your product or service?

We know that when you get in toch with a prospect, you can sell. But how do you consistently come into contact with new customers?

Perhaps you have purchased email lists or prospect lists before, but they yielded very little. We know why.

They were not specific to you and your company.

It is important to determine who you want to come into contact with. We will help you come into contact through a list of decision makers that fit your company.

We do the hard work of finding your potential customers, so all you have to do is sell. 


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prospect list only delivers leads if you start from strategy. That is why this list is different.

We create the list based on our conversation with you, we talk and brainstorm with you about who you should by trying to contact and what functions and industries fit that description.

A few reasons why the ProspectList is a must-have for your business:


  • Verified contact information: We not only deliver a list with names and companies, but also with contact information that we have checked and you can immediately contact. That way you only spend time on real prospects.
  • Tailored list: during our introductory meeting we discuss who you want to contact, which functions, geography and industries fit that. We listen to what fits your business and optimize where possible so you get a personal and specific list.

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      We get to know you and your sales approach. Because we have an in-depth conversation with you we can better decide which prospects fit your company. Because we know that generic lists simply don’t work.

      We do the hard work

      Which saves you time. We compile the lisst so you can spend your time with potential clients. We do research so you have qualitative lists and qualitative conversations.

      Direct results

      We deliver the list, you the results. We know that our lists are good and work, we have doing this for years now. The lists support your sales process, but you are still in control. In the end you are the one closing the deals.