Your sales team has trouble approaching customers



Your sales team has difficulty approaching new customers and coming into contact with decision makers within companies.

They are motivated, but do not know how to come into contact with customers.

Cold calling, online contact, emailing and visiting do not yield the needed results.

They need guidance in the sales process and support in their outreach.

With our two weekly coaching sessions we discuss current problems and how your team can solve them.

We also do outreach for your team. All they have to do is follow up and close the deal.


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How it works

A meeting every other week

  • We discuss what actions each seller has taken and what results this has achieved.
  • We provide advice on the entire sales process from start to finish.
  • Together we discuss what can be done differently so that the team achieves better results.
  • We pass on leads that we have warmed up for you and the team only needs to close.

Outreach done for you

  • We do online outreach on various channels for your team.
  • We create lists and approach them so that the first step has been taken.
  • We engage the team for the sales conversation and expert knowledge.
  • Because we do the outreach, you have a constant flow of prospects and leads for your company and the team only has to focus on selling.

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Why do you need this boost?


You want to sell more efficient and effectively.

The sales team booster is designed to support you in every step of the sales process and to optimize it with you.

In addition, we do the outreach for you and all you have to do is follow up.

A few reasons why the sales team booster is the addition for your company:

  • Bi-Weekly practical and personal coaching: During our bi-weekly meetings, we cover which sales problems your team has and how to solve these.
  • Support and Feedback: When your team is stuck, we assist in improving the process, simplifying the execution, and achieving better results.


  • Results-oriented: Ultimately, it’s about the sales you bring in. We help you set, track and achieve goals. In addition, it becomes easier to get in touch, because we have already taken the first step.

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