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Marc & Karin helped me recognize new opportunities. Soon I had Sales Meetings, made without any efforts. 

Verena Hesselin

Salus Controls

Within a few weeks I was in contact with new clients. I now even have people recruited for my projects. 

Hilde Vossen

The Change Specialist

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You spend a lot of time on the visibility of your company and you do your outreach, but that is all useless if you aren’t successfull at the next step.

B2B sales is all about building relationships.

After the first conversation you need to effectively nurture. Otherwise they have forgotten you the moment you are relevant.

If you do this well then 50% of your acquisition is not necessary anymore.

Our promise to you:

You will leave the webinar with new insights and concrete ideas on how to improve your sales approach.

Our knowledge has helpen companies for the past 15 years to improve their lead generation.

Inspirational Power Session

How do you stay in contact after that first conversation?

In our Online Powersession you’ll learn in 40 minutes:

✔️ Which effective nurture techniques there are.

✔️ When to pick up the Phone (and when to wait).

✔️ Best sales methods for 2024

Apply the examples from this session immediately into your own activities.

Previous results

Marcel Crezee; Managing Director Export, MHK Group


‘In previous years we stood in the aisle to address our prospects. Now they came to us. This made it a fun and relaxed branche event.

In the end, we had 300% more leads and even a great number of HOTleads.

This way I want to have a business event every month!’

Ton Knipscheer; Sales Director Watttron

I recommend them everywhere

‘I was so pleased with the LinkLeaders approach that I recommended them to the Association of Packaging Professionals.

They have done a training period with LinkLeaders, in which I once again connected.

Because LinkedIn is constantly changing, I will do another training with them.’

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Our session will cover a range of topics. Our speakers will share their experiences and knowledge on how to implement these best practices in your business.

This is an interactive session where you will have the opportunity to connect to the presentors, ask questions, and engage in discussions.