How to Download Linkedin Video? 

LinkedIn doesn’t has a native feature for downloading videos from the platfrom.

But somethime there is insppiration found in these video’s and you want to secure this by downloading them to your device.

In this article, you will find the best way to download LinkedIn video using different tools and techniques, so you can keep your favorite videos for future reference or offline view.

Downloading LinkedIn video’s the easy way

Download a video on LinkedIn just takes a few minutes. You can’t do it directly from the platform (a couple of years ago it was possible but copyright emfringments is now preventing this.

There are multiple ways to download videos from LinkedIn, and we are going to give you a few choices to make your decision.

Get the LinkedIn video for free

  1. Click on the three little dots at the top of the video, then “copy the link to the post”. the url is now stored in the device memory
  2. CTRL + S (windows) lets you save the html page. decide on Name and location
  3. open the HTML file -> you will get a badly formated Linkedin page.
  4. scroll down until you find the video
  5. Right click on the video and save as .mp4 file.

There are ways to directly find the videofile on the Linkedin page, but that takes knowledge of html coding.


    Use a video downloader tool

    You can also use a third-party video downloader tool is a great option. There are may free and paid video downloader tools available online.

    LinkedIn video format

    LinkedIn, picture it as a compact cinematic lab at your disposal, presenting you with the opportunity to broadcast outstanding video content to your professional circle. Yet before you enthusiastically call out “Action,” there’s something crucial you must comprehend – LinkedIn’s supported video formats. After all, no matter how artistically brilliant your film creation is, if it stumbles in playing or appears distorted and pixelated, its intended impact would be significantly marred.

    LinkedIn primarily supports MP4 format videos – arguably the lingua franca of the digital video world due to their high-quality output coupled with relatively small file sizes. Therefore that dramatic tour of your office space or that informal team lunch footage can indeed look just as stunning on LinkedIn – provided they are in this preferred format.

    To extract maximum benefit from your efforts though, ensure the usage of H.264 for video codec and AAC or MPEG4 for audio codec. Bear in mind: success resides within fine details!


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    LinkedIn video duration

    As we plunge into the perplexing labyrinth of LinkedIn, a pivotal component clamours for attention: the temporal span of videos. The video length, an element as fickle as it is crucial, could either champion your content’s visibility and engagement or be its undoing. This depends on various factors such as your audience’s focus, the nature of the video and the core message you aim to transmit.

    LinkedIn videos find their burstiness in a duration that oscillates between 30 seconds and 5 minutes – striking just the right balance between delivering an impactful message without swamping viewers in excess information. However, let us not forget that LinkedIn does extend its limits to accommodate videos up to 10 minutes for native uploads. It becomes essential then to mould your content keeping in mind both – your audience’s fleeting attention and your message’s unique requirements – all within LinkedIn’s defined boundaries.

    LinkedIn video maximum size

    Encompassing the realm of video sharing on LinkedIn, an indispensable element that navigates attention is the magnitude of the file. Social media platforms such as LinkedIn are often seen delineating specific boundaries and constraints for video uploads, inclusive of a maximum size cap. These restrictions come into play with a purpose to ascertain that the visual content finds its place adequately without becoming an obstacle in creating a seamless user experience on their platform and preventing their servers from shouldering excessive load.

    Rest assured! There’s no need for you to be constantly anxious about hitting the bullseye when it comes to your video size each time you contemplate posting something onto your LinkedIn profile. The platform exhibits generosity by accommodating videos up to a hefty 5GB in size. Quite expansive, wouldn’t you agree? Indeed, it is! This translates into having substantial flexibility at your disposal when determining both quality and duration aspects of your videos. However, ensure they don’t surpass this stipulated limit; otherwise undesirable upload glitches may creep in unexpectedly.

    Bear in mind – The game isn’t solely about adhering within these predetermined confines but also crafting impactful content that not only engages but resonates profoundly with your audience.

    Here are a few key points to remember when it comes to LinkedIn video size:

    • The maximum size for a video file that you can upload on LinkedIn is 5GB. This means you have ample room to play around with the quality and length of your videos.
    • While this limit seems quite generous, exceeding it might lead to unexpected upload glitches. So, always double-check your file size before uploading.
    • Remember that creating meaningful content should be your top priority. A high-quality video won’t matter if its content doesn’t resonate with your audience.
    • The platform’s purpose behind imposing these restrictions is not only about ensuring smooth user experience but also preventing their servers from getting overloaded.
    • Don’t stress too much over hitting the exact mark every time you post a video. Instead, focus more on crafting engaging and impactful content.

    Take aways

    • Always check the size of your video files before uploading them onto LinkedIn.
    • Ensure that they do not exceed the stipulated maximum limit of 5GB.
    • Prioritize creating compelling and resonating content over merely focusing on adhering within these predetermined confines.
    • Keep in mind that exceeding the specified limit could result in undesirable upload issues.
    • Lastly, don’t let anxiety about meeting these constraints overshadow your primary goal – crafting valuable content for your audience!

    Most asked questions about Downlaoding Linkedin video’s


    What’s the preferred video format for LinkedIn uploads?

    The likes of MP4, MPEG-1, MKV, Quicktime, WebM, ASF, AVI, FLV,MPEG-4 and VP8 are accepted when uploading videos to LinkedIn.

    How hefty can my LinkedIn video upload be?

    Your uploaded video on LinkedIn must not exceed a maximum size of 5GB.

    Is there a duration range for my videos on LinkedIn?

    Yes. On LinkedIn, the length of your videos can vary from as short as 3 seconds to as long as 10 minutes.

    Does a minimum time limit exist for my video upload on LinkedIn?

    Absolutely. A minimum span of at least 3 seconds is mandatory for any video you wish to upload onto LinkedIn.

    Is every single possible video format supported by Linkedin?

    Certainly! However it is advisable to stick with popular formats like MP4 among others such as MPEG-1, MKV?? , Quicktime etc., to avoid compatibility issues though linkedin does support an array including but not limited to these options .

    Is it feasible to post a file larger greater than 5GB on Linkedin ?

    No. I’m afraid that’s out of question .The upper limit set by Linkedin hovers around the mark of 5 GB.

    What if I have content longer than ten minutes ?

    Any attempt in violation will simply result in failure during the upload. To keep things smooth sailing its suggested you adhere strictly within bounds (that being 10 minutes)

    Pertaining resolutions are there any specific restrictions put forth by Linkedin?

    The answer rests in negative terrain. There aren’t really any hard -fast rules pertaining resolution. However maintaining standard resolution ensures seamless play across all devices. The largest permissible file limit however remains fixed at 5Gb

    Is altering the format of a video post upload feasible on Linkedin?

    Once you’ve gone ahead with an upload its set in stone . You’re unable to change the format henceforth. It’s always wise to ensure your initial choice is apt.

    Is there any recourse if my content exceeds the ten minute duration limit? Can I somehow increase it further ?

    The maximum LinkedIn’s video length has been set ti 10 minutes. Any footage exceeding this will demand downsizing or segregation into segments before proceeding with an upload.