Linkedin Video Downloader

Downloading a video from LinkedIn is one of those activities that you come across once in a while.
You found this great article from somebody, it contains a video and you want to reuse that video for your own purposes, for example a presentation.

But LinkedIn doesn’t make it very easy to do it, because LinkedIn already knows there is intellectual property involved because somebody put a lot of effort in making that video.
But there are three methods that you can use to just easily download the video for your own use.

Option One is using a Chrome plugin for downloading.

Option Two is using a website or an online application to download the LinkedIn video.

Third method is using an offline  program, an application on your own computer to download it.
Some are free, some are paid solutions.

It’s depending on what your preference is and how many times in a year you need to do this.

Remember to ask permission from the owner of the video, if you want to use his creation for commercial use or other.

1. Using a Chrome plugin to download a video from LinkedIn.

You just go to the web store and if you look for a LinkedIn video downloader it gives you two options.
It doesn’t really matter which one if you want to invest a lot of time in there to find out which one is working for you.
But if you do this once or twice a year this is fine.
And when you load the page it gives you on the video a small new icon which says download.
You click it, it just starts downloading to your default download folder.
And you can pick it up and use it for your own purposes.

2. Using an online application for getting the video file

It works like this.

  1. You go to the three dots.
  2. You say here copy the LinkedIn post URL.
  3. You go to the LinkedIn video downloader and you can paste the URL in that line.
  4. You need to give it a moment.
  5. check if It’s the correct video format
  6. You just can download the video.

And this is probably the most easiest way to do it.

3. Using an application on your own computer for extracting the video from the linkedin post

I have a Snapdownloader installed.

You can also use it for some other social media platforms

This is a paid solution if you want to use it for a longer period.
If you want to do this frequently, it’s worthwhile investing a $50 lifetime in this program, because it saves you a lot of time.

It works the same way as the online application.

  1. You just put the LinkedIn URL in there.
  2. You can trim it, you can schedule it and you can also just download it.
  3. the video file is in your video folder

Today (May 2023) these are the best ways to download a video from LinkedIn.

I hope these LinkedIn tips make your life as a LinkedIn professional a little bit easier.