Unlocking the Benefits of LinkedIn Premium

The Definition of LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn is a social networking service designed for professionals. It connects individuals across the globe and allows them to build their professional networks, showcase their skills and accomplishments, and find new job opportunities.

While it offers a lot of benefits for free users, LinkedIn also offers a premium service that unlocks an array of additional features. LinkedIn Premium is a paid subscription that provides access to advanced features for people looking to expand their reach and achieve more on the platform.

It’s available in three types: Business, Career, and Sales Navigator. Each subscription level caters to specific needs and goals.

LinkedIn Premium

The Benefits of Using LinkedIn Premium

If you’re serious about using LinkedIn to grow your professional network or find opportunities in your field, upgrading to a paid account is worth considering. Here are some advantages worth highlighting:

1) Increased Visibility: With LinkedIn Premium, you have access to data analytics that show how often your profile appears in searches by companies or industry professionals looking for someone with your qualifications.

2) Advanced Search Tools: One key benefit of upgrading to premium is the ability to unlock advanced search filters that allow you to dig deeper into potential connections based on criteria such as location, job title, company size, keywords contained within profiles and much more.

3) Access To Additional Profiles: Unlike free accounts which only offer limited views into profiles outside your network or region – with premium access – you’ll be able to view more profiles outside your immediate network without being noticed by others who view your profile as well.

4) InMail Messaging: Have you ever wanted an introduction but haven’t found one through existing connections? With InMail messaging (available on certain accounts), you can message people directly without needing an introduction from another connection.

5) Extended Insights: LinkedIn Premium provides additional insights into your network’s professional development.

You can see trends in how many people visited your profile and their job titles. This information is useful to understand how your profile is being found and what types of people are interested in what you have to offer.

LinkedIn Premium offers a range of benefits that make it an attractive option for professionals looking to expand their reach, build connections, and land new opportunities. The enhanced features it provides help users navigate the platform in a more targeted way, allowing them to achieve their goals more effectively.

LinkedIn Premium

High Level Overview of LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network, with over 756 million members worldwide. LinkedIn provides a platform for building professional relationships, finding job opportunities, and connecting with like-minded individuals. With the introduction of LinkedIn Premium, users can unlock additional features and tools to enhance their networking experience.

Different types of LinkedIn Premium accounts (Business, Career, Sales Navigator)

LinkedIn Premium offers three different types of accounts: Business, Career and Sales Navigator. The Business account is designed for professionals looking to generate leads or reach out to potential clients.

The Career account is tailored towards job seekers who are looking to optimize their job search experience by gaining access to salary insights and other career-related tools. The Sales Navigator account is for sales professionals who are looking for ways to find new prospects and close deals more efficiently.

Cost and pricing options

The cost of LinkedIn Premium varies depending on the type of account you choose. The Business plan starts at $47.99 per month when paid annually or $59.99 per month when paid monthly. The Career plan starts at $29.99 per month when paid annually or $35.99 per month when paid monthly.

The Sales Navigator plan starts at $64.99 per month when paid annually or $79.99 per month when paid monthly. It’s important to note that these prices may vary based on your country or region and are subject to change without notice.

Key features and benefits

One key feature that sets LinkedIn Premium apart from its free counterpart is the ability to view full profiles of other users on the platform without being connected with them first – this means you can directly reach out with personalized messaging instead of using a connection request as your initial contact. Another powerful feature in both Business and Sales Navigator plans is Advanced Search Filters that allow you to search for users based on highly specific criteria such as job title, company size, seniority level, location and more.

Career plan users can take advantage of LinkedIn Salary Insights – a tool that provides a detailed breakdown of salaries for different job titles in different regions or cities. Additionally, with the Career plan you’ll be able to see how you compare to other applicants when applying to positions on LinkedIn – this data can help you identify areas where you might need more skills development or highlight your strengths against the competition.

LinkedIn Premium Niche Subtopics

Business Accounts

LinkedIn Premium Business accounts offer several advanced features designed to help businesses find potential clients or partners more easily. These features include advanced search filters, InMail messaging, and insight into who has viewed your profile.

The advanced search filters allow you to narrow down your search by specific criteria such as location, job title, company size, industry, and more. This feature is incredibly useful when looking for potential clients or partners in a particular industry or geographic location.

InMail messaging is another great feature that allows you to send a message to anyone on LinkedIn. This feature is different from regular messages because it allows you to send a message without having to be connected with the person first.

With InMail messaging, you can reach out to potential clients or partners even if they are not in your network. Insights into who has viewed your profile can give you an idea of who may be interested in connecting with you and potentially doing business with you.

Career Accounts

If you’re looking for a job or trying to advance your career, LinkedIn Premium Career accounts offer several features designed specifically for this purpose. One of the most useful features is access to salary insights and job market data.

With this information at your fingertips, you can quickly determine whether a job offer is competitive and negotiate better pay. Another great feature of LinkedIn Premium Career accounts includes the ability to see who has viewed your profile in the last 90 days.

This feature is incredibly valuable because it gives job seekers an idea of which companies are interested in their skills and experience. Additionally, LinkedIn offers tools for identifying skills gaps and recommendations for online courses that can help improve your qualifications and make your resume stand out from the competition.

Sales Navigator Accounts

LinkedIn Premium Sales Navigator accounts are designed for sales professionals who want to find potential customers and close deals more efficiently. The lead recommendations feature is one of the most valuable features of Sales Navigator, as it uses saved searches and preferences to recommend potential leads or accounts that you may be interested in pursuing. Advanced search filters are also available in Sales Navigator accounts, allowing sales professionals to narrow their search based on specific criteria such as job title, company size, location, industry, and more.

These filters can save a lot of time by presenting only highly relevant prospects rather than manually searching through thousands of profiles. The final feature offered by LinkedIn Premium Sales Navigator accounts is real-time updates on prospect activity.

This feature allows you to receive notifications when a prospect engages with your content or posts new updates on LinkedIn. This information can help you stay up-to-date with your potential customers or clients and respond quickly to their needs.

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More about Business Accounts

LinkedIn Premium’s Business Accounts are designed to help businesses find and connect with potential clients or partners. In addition to the advanced search filters, Business Accounts also come with the ability to save up to 1,500 leads per account. This allows users to save the profiles and contact information of potential leads for future reference.

But that’s not all – LinkedIn Premium also provides tools for better organization of these leads. Customized lead lists can be created with tags and notes, allowing users to keep track of where they found a lead or any specific information that may be useful in their outreach efforts.

More about Career Accounts

Career Accounts on LinkedIn Premium are focused on helping individuals advance their careers by providing access to valuable resources. One such resource is a library of online courses through Lynda.com. These courses cover a range of topics from business skills like leadership and project management, to creative skills like graphic design and video editing.

In addition, Career Account holders have access to an option that lets them see how they compare against other applicants when applying for jobs. This feature can provide valuable insight into what employers may be looking for in candidates and help users tailor their resumes accordingly.


LinkedIn Premium offers a wide range of benefits for both businesses and individuals looking to advance their careers. The advanced search filters, InMail messaging, salary insights, job market data, lead recommendations and customized lead lists make it easier than ever before for businesses to find potential clients or partners while Career Account holders gain access to valuable resources like Lynda.com courses and comparison tools when applying for jobs.

Overall, LinkedIn Premium is a worthwhile investment that can provide significant value both professionally and personally. With a little time and effort, users can leverage these benefits to enhance their professional network, advance their career goals, and ultimately achieve success.