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You started your business because your service works and your products are good. But every day you notice that selling them is quite a challenge.

Your current customers take up a lot of your time.

Time that you had specifically planned to carry out your sales activities.

When you get in touch, you can sell. But how do you regularly come into contact with new customers?

For 15 years now, we have been helping companies and entrepreneurs to easily start a conversation with their new customers. We eat, sleep, and breathe sales. And we do that 24/7.

And you can benefit from that. All the knowledge we have gained over the past 15 years and techniques that we innovate daily have been combined for you in the SALES ACCELERATORS.


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You’re a professional for a reason…

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In the success of your business, you can encounter issues that limit your success:

  • Finding and approaching: The finding and approaching of new customers has changed significantly over the past years. There’s a lot of saturation in traditional channels. So, how can you still get in touch with your prospects as smartly and efficiently as possible?


  • Optimization of your sales process: Sometimes you feel that your sales process is inefficient. You have the idea that it should be different, that it can be smarter. But you think this is very complicated.



  • Stress and Balance: Achieving your sales goals and growing your business can sometimes cause significant stress and challenges. How do you find the right balance?

Marc & Karin helped me recognize new opportunities. Soon I had Sales Meetings, made without any efforts. 

Verena Hesselin

Salus Controls

Within a few weeks I was in contact with new clients. I now even have people recruited for my projects. 

Hilde Vossen

The Change Specialist

You actually don’t know what’s best to do?


To overcome your challenges, you need smart strategies, a desire to develop, and possibly leverage simple technological solutions that help you sell more efficiently and effectively.

The Sales Accelerators are designed to support you at every step of the sales process and optimize it with you.

A few reasons why the Sales Accelerators are a must-have for your business:

  • Weekly practical and directly applicable: During our weekly mini-workshops, we cover a sales technique that you can apply immediately and easily (even if you’re not very technical).


  • Support and Feedback: If you’re stuck, we assist in improving texts, simplifying your execution, and achieving better results.


  • Results-oriented: The Sales Accelerators are here for you to achieve results. We help you set goals, monitor them, and reach them.

Why wait?

Improving your sales results has never been this easy. 

Our SALES ACCELERATORS are ready to propel your business to new heights. Don’t wait any longer and invest in your future success today!

Click below to get started now and take advantage of our special offer. We look forward to working with you to grow your business and achieve extraordinary sales results.

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(Really? Yes, really… 😉.)

Over the past 15 years, we have helped hundreds of business owners in creating and growing their businesses by supporting them in various Social Selling activities. This goes far beyond just LinkedIn. This is overall sales!

And after being an entrepreneur ourselves for 18 years, we can confidently say – when you truly take on that sales challenge – then beautiful things happen with your business.

For years, we looked for other tools, people, or organizations to carry out our sales. Until we realized that this would never work. We had to jump in OURSELVES. That was the moment we gained momentum, and it happened FAST.

If you also want to take this step, we are here for you. You’ll be surprised by the transformation you will create.”

De Voordelen: Snel en Praktisch

Ervaar de voordelen van onze ervaring. Hiermee staan we voor jou klaar: 

  1. Wekelijkse online sessie:
    • Sales workshops en Q&A’s: Praktische sales workshops en Q&A’s waarbij je in een uur vol wordt gepompt met een aanpak die je de komende twee weken gaat toepassen.
  2. Opnames van alle sessies:
    • Je mist niets: De workshop zitten overvol met praktische tips, teksten, scripts en templates. Maar dat is geen probleem, want elke sessie wordt opgenomen zodat je deze stap voor stap kunt terugkijken in de bijbehorende online omgeving. 
  3. Actuele verkooptechnieken:
    • Bovenop de ontwikkelingen: De afgelopen jaren zijn het gedrag en de technieken enorm veranderd. En dat zal voorlopig zo blijven. We zitten bovenop deze ontwikkelingen en nemen je mee in de laatste technieke waarvan we weten dat ze werken. 
  4. Verkoopproces:
    • Groei op je eigen tempo: Of je nog net bent begonnen of je bent een voleerd bedrijfseigenaar, je pakt onze technieken op je eigen tempo op en daar ondersteunen we je in.
  5. Maandelijks op te zeggen:
    • Makkelijk en toegankelijk: Wij weten dat de VERKOOPVERSNELLERS je enorm tot steun zal zijn. Daarom hanteren we een maandelijkse opzegtermijn. Dat maakt het overzichtelijk voor je. 

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“I was initially skeptical about another lead generation service after so many letdowns. But LinkLeaders truly stands out. Their No Cure, No Pay model is a game-changer! We’ve seen a consistent flow of high-quality leads, and our sales team has never been more motivated. Kudos to the LinkLeaders team for their exceptional service!”

Nina Carter

CEO , TechSolutions Inc.

“The transparency and professionalism of LinkLeaders are unparalleled. Not only did they deliver on their promises, but the quality of leads has been outstanding. Our conversion rates have skyrocketed since partnering with them. LinkLeaders is the real deal in B2B lead generation!”

Liam Rodriguez

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Being a startup, we were cautious about where we spent our resources. LinkLeaders was a revelation! The fact that we only paid for genuine, actionable leads took away so much stress. Their team is supportive, and the results speak for themselves. Highly recommend LinkLeaders for any B2B business looking to scale!

Harper Lin

Founder, GreenPath Ventures